Content Management Systems (CMS) - XMAPP and Joomla

In this page i will demonstrate the basic steps of the process for setting up your own server and configuring a Joomla website (Windows).

Similar to XAMPP Server Control Panel is the EasyPHP and WampServer platforms. Also, many CMSystems apply to blogs easily. Here is an interesting article which may help to clear things up.

XAMPP is a fast to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is easy to install and use. After downloading and installing your interface should look like this.

Note: Even if you take some errors in the beginning  do not be discouraged to continue with the procedure.  I would also recommend and in order to elliminate errors to visit the actual homepage.

Once your services are running open your browser and type "localhost". The following screen will verify your installation is complete.

Continue with downloading the latest Joomla software.
Find the depository of XAMPP in htdocs directory create a new folder and paste/extract the contents of inside.

Once more open your browser and type localhost plus the name of the folder you created in the previous step. In our case the string will be localhost/Joomla15/

You can now start configuring your account information. While doing so keep in mind the following:

  • Joomla account configuration in the last step, will ask you to delete the configuration file for security reasons. Instead you can just rename the file or change its extension making it invisible.

  • You might experience some difficulties with your while trying to create your account. To solve them, we recommend creating a new user for an SQL database. To do so just navigate to your XAMPP control panel and enter phpMyAdmin service via the Admin  - - MySQL button. Once there go to Users tab and add user. Select an SQL database and configure your information.
After completing the process you should be able to log in as Administrator to your new Joomla site.

Happy editing !!  [-__-]

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